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NANCY SELIG AMSDEN tells the story of her experience growing up in Columbia, Maryland—a planned community that was designed to promote diversity and inclusion. Nancy is an author, singer, and songwriter whose compositions and writings focus on cultural awareness, social justice and honoring the world around her. Nancy has had a 30-year career in consumer advocacy and regulatory compliance, and has participated in diversity management, cultural awareness and corporate culture initiatives.


Nancy has had articles published in Transformation Magazine and contributed a chapter in the book Transform Your Life, Book 2 (Transformation Publishing). Several of her songs and lyrics have been published and recorded by Stellar Voice Productions, Inc. Columbia was developed by James Rouse in the late 1960’s and was ranked the #1 Place to Live in 2016 by Money Magazine. Her book explores how this “utopian” environment impacted her life, as well as provides testimonials from others who have called Columbia home. She highlights what worked in this “grand social experiment,” what we can learn from Columbia, and how people of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles truly can live together in peace and harmony.


Sharing her story has inspired within her a new mission; to develop a diversity curriculum for children that would introduce schools, teachers and administrators to the importance of diversity management.

For questions, comments, to share your experience living in Columbia or to invite Nancy to visit your organization, contact nancyseligamsden@gmail.com.

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THROUGH DIFFERENT EYES: The Grand Social Experiment That is Columbia, Maryland